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Study abroad as part of your course at King's

Leaving university with 'just a degree' is no longer the expectation. No matter what your subject of study, or the level at which you are studying it, you want to get the most out of your time at university and studying abroad is one significant and potentially transformative experience available. You may be thinking about your employment prospects; you may not have been able to finance a gap year and feel you missed out on the chance to travel; you may be seeking to see your chosen subject of study in a new light and from a different perspective; you may be wanting to improve your language learning: whatever your reason, studying abroad could be the thing for you. Find out more about study abroad opportunities through our below webpages.

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How to apply

Information about how to apply to the Study Abroad scheme at King's.

What study abroad routes are available?

There are several different routes students can take to make sure that they are globally mobile during their time at King's. Whilst a typical study abroad experience might include semester or year long studying at a partner university overseas, there are many other options to gain an international, educational experience as part of your degree, including through shorter term opportunities such as summer school and study tour programmes, medical electives and internships. Participating in King's College London's study abroad programme could be a significant and memorable experience to carry with you for the future. You can expect to experience diversity and different lifestyles, gain intercultural communication skills, increase your independence and adaptability and maybe even see life and learning in a new way. Discover King's range of study abroad options on our webpages below.

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Discover our options & destinations

Go Global events for King's students

Current King's students are invited to join us at our annual Go Global event to learn more about our study abroad opportunities. Our Go Global event series consists of a mixture of in-person and online briefings, and is a great opportunity to learn more about how to apply, and to learn more about other students experiences.

Discover more about our Go Global event

More about studying abroad

How to apply

Information about how to apply to the Study Abroad scheme at King's.