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Image of BES Award winners Dr Sadia Niazi and Dr Noushad Rahim
1 December 2022

British Endodontic Society awards for Dr Sadia Niazi & Dr Noushad Rahim

Dr Sadia Niazi receives Inspirational Lecturer award, while final year PhD student Dr Noushad Rahim…

Cop27 News 2
29 November 2022

News tracker: COP27 expert commentary and updates

All the latest from across King's relating to COP27, climate, sustainability and more.

Yihang Qin and an older man stand in the church talking.
28 November 2022

Finding community through volunteering at St Mary le Strand

Yihang Qin is a PhD candidate in the English department at…

24 November 2022

Volunteering and caring for grandchildren protects from loneliness for the over 50s

Caregiving for a spouse or partner is associated with higher…

23 November 2022

Researchers successfully model antibody-mediated transplant rejection in human kidneys

The discovery may allow scientists to investigate new…

20 October 2022

Clearing the smoke: the evidence behind vaping

Cigarettes kill over half of their long-term users. The…

21 July 2022

Where does data come from?

The origin, or 'provenance' of data is important to gaining…

11 July 2022

Reimagining India's health system

Why is that India's voters appear to place curiously little…

22 June 2022

Bridging the global mental health gap

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 450…

13 May 2022

Prioritising maternal mental health through research

Mental illness during pregnancy and the first year after…

12 May 2022

Leading the international effort against doping in sports

The Drug Control Centre (DCC) is King’s flagship anti-doping…

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