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Survey of the Papers of Senior UK Defence Personnel, 1900-1975

CHETWODE, Philip Walhouse (1869-1950), 1st Baron Chetwode, Field Marshal

Service biography
Entered Army 1889; Chin Hills, Burma 1892-1893; South African War 1899-1902; World War I 1914-1918; Commander, 5 Cavalry Bde 1914-1915; 2 Cavalry Div 1915-1916; Desert Corps, Egypt 1916-1917; Eastern Force 1917; 20 Army Corps 1917-1918; battle of Beersheba, Oct 1917; capture of Jerusalem, Dec 1917; campaigns in Palestine and Syria; Military Secretary, War Office 1919-1920; Deputy Chief of Imperial General Staff 1920-1922; Adjutant Gen 1922-1923; Commander-in-Chief Aldershot Command 1923-1927; Chief of General Staff, India 1928-1930; Commander-in-Chief, Indian Army 1930-1935; retired 1935; Chairman of British Red Cross Society 1940-1947

LIDDELL HART CENTRE FOR MILITARY ARCHIVES: The papers of Gen Sir William Henry Bartholomew include letters from Chetwode to Sir Clive Wigram 1935; the papers of Maj Gen George Mackintosh Lindsay include a report by Chetwode as Commanding Officer, 2 Cavalry Div, Feb 1916, on the future organisation of cavalry units (ref: LH 15/12); the papers of Capt Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart include correspondence with Chetwode 1924-1946 (ref: 1/166); Lord Chetwode's daughter informed the Centre in 1970 that his diaries were destroyed, in accordance with instructions in his will BORTHWICK INSTITUTE OF HISTORICAL RESEARCH, YORK UNIVERSITY: The papers of Charles Lindley Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax, include letters from Chetwode 1931-1934 (21 items, ref: Halifax papers, A4 410/2/4, 40); BRITISH LIBRARY, ORIENTAL AND INDIA OFFICE COLLECTIONS, LONDON: The papers of Sir Findlater Steward, Permanent Under Secretary of State for India, include correspondence with Chetwode 1931-1934 (ref: MSS Eur D 714)); CHURCHILL ARCHIVES CENTRE, CHURCHILL COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY: The papers of Leslie Hore-Belisha, 1st Baron Hore-Belisha of Devonport, Secretary of State for War, include letter from Chetwode concerning senior Army appointments, 3 May 1939 (ref: HOBE 5/62); IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM, LONDON: Battle orders, correspondence and memoranda relating to Chetwode's service in the Egyptian Expeditionary Force 1916-1918 (ref: P183), including: correspondence relating to the defence and supply of El Arish, Egypt, and the planned attack on Gaza, Palestine 1916-1917. Correspondents include: Maj Gen Guy Payan Dawnay, Chief of Staff to Commander-in-Chief, Egyptian Expeditionary Force, Lt Gen Sir Charles Macpherson Dobell, Commander, Eastern Force, Maj Gen Sir Arthur Lynden-Bell, Chief of General Staff, 3 Army, Gen Sir Archibald James Murray, Commander-in-Chief, Egyptian Expeditionary Force, and Gen Sir Robert Dundas Whigham, Deputy Chief of Imperial General Staff; Chetwode's orders to 20 Corps, and subsequent report on operations, Palestine, Oct-Nov 1917, including the battle of Beersheba (third battle of Gaza), Oct 1917; orders to 20 Corps and subsequent reports relating to the capture of Jerusalem, Dec 1917; orders to 20 Corps and reports relating to operations in Palestine 1918, including the capture of Jericho, Feb 1918; sketch maps of operations in Southern Palestine, Oct-Nov 1917; also Chetwode's diary as Commander-in-Chief Army of India 1931; the papers of FM Sir Henry Maitland Wilson, 1st Baron Wilson of Libya and Stowlangtoft, include correspondence with Chetwode 1921-1922 (ref: HHW); PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE OF NORTHERN IRELAND, BELFAST: The papers of Basil Sheridan Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, 4th Marquess of Dufferin and Ava, include correspondence with Chetwode 1932-1936 (ref: D1071); SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY LIBRARY: Papers of AF Louis (Francis Albert Victor Nicholas) Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, include correspondence with Chetwode in his capacity as Chairman of the British Red Cross 1944 (ref: MB1/A43)


Index terms
SUBJECTS strategy 1916-1918
PLACES Middle East 1916-1918
NAMES Leslie Hore-Belisha, 1st Baron Hore-Belisha of Devonport 1939

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