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Survey of the Papers of Senior UK Defence Personnel, 1900-1975

GRIERSON, Sir James Moncrieff (1859-1914), Lieutenant General

Service biography
Joined Royal Artillery 1877; Egyptian War, including Kassassin and Tel el Kebir, as Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General with Indian contingent 1882; Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General, Sudan expedition: actions at Suakin, Hasheen and Tamai 1885; Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General, 2 Bde, Hazara expedition 1888; Station Staff Officer, Bengal, India 1889; Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, Intelligence, Army Headquarters 1890-1894; Bde Maj, Royal Artillery, Aldershot 1895-1896; Military Attaché, Berlin, Germany 1896-1900; South African War 1900; on staff, China 1900-1901; Assistant Quartermaster General, 2 Army Corps 1901-1902; Chief Staff Officer, 2 Army Corps 1902-1904; Director of Military Operations, Army Headquarters 1904-1906; General Officer Commanding, 1 Div, Aldershot Command 1906-1910; General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Command 1912-1914

Papers were destroyed in 1954, as being only of private interest, on the death of his biographer, Duncan Stewart MacDiarmid; NATIONAL ARMY MUSEUM, LONDON: Grierson's Transvaal maps 1900 (Ref: 7508-64)

: The armed strength of Russia (HMSO, London, 1886); The armed strength of Japan (HMSO, London, 1886): The armed strength of the German Empire (HMSO, London, 1888); The armed strength of the Russian Empire, two volumes (HMSO, London, 1894; Staff duties in the field (HMSO, London, 1891); Handbook of the military forces of Russia (HMSO, London, 1894); Records of the Scottish Volunteers, 1859-1908 (William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1909); Duncan Stewart MacDiarmid, Life of Sir James Moncrieff Grierson (Constable & Co, Ltd, London, 1923)

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