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Survey of the Papers of Senior UK Defence Personnel, 1900-1975

WILLIS, Sir Algernon Usborne (1889-1976), Admiral of the Fleet

Service biography
Joined RN 1904; HMS HINDUSTAN and HMS GLORY, Channel and Mediterranean Fleets 1905-1908; HMS GOOD HOPE, Mediterranean 1910-1912; torpedo specialist, HMS VERNON 1912; torpedo training course, Greenwich; World War I 1914-1918; torpedo Lt, HMS MAGNIFICENT 1914-1915; HMS VERNON 1915; HMS DONEGAL 1915; HMS DEFIANCE, torpedo schoolship, Devonport 1915-1916; HMS FEARLESS, 1 Destroyer Flotilla, Battle Cruiser Fleet, Jutland 1916; Staff Officer, HMS VERNON 1916-1918; Flotilla torpedo officer, HMS SAUMAREZ 1918-1919; HMS WALLACE 1919; torpedo officer, 1 Destroyer Flotilla, Baltic operations 1919; torpedo officer, HMS RENOWN 1920; royal tour of Australia and New Zealand 1921; staff officer, HMS VERNON 1922; Sqn torpedo officer, HMS COVENTRY, destroyer flotillas 1923-1925; on staff of Senior Officers' Tactical Course, Portsmouth 1925-1927; commanded HMS WARWICK, 5 Destroyer Flotilla 1927-1929; on staff of RN Staff College, Greenwich 1930-1932; Flag Capt, HMS KENT, China station 1932-1934; Flag Capt, HMS NELSON, Home Fleet 1934-1935; commanded HMS VERNON Torpedo School 1935-1938; Flag Capt and Chief Staff Officer, HMS BARHAM, 1 Battle Sqn, Mediterranean 1938-1939; World War II 1939-1945; Chief of Staff to Commander-in-Chief, HMS WARSPITE, Mediterranean Fleet 1939-1941; Commander-in-Chief, Africa station 1941; Commander-in-Chief, South Atlantic station 1941-1942; Second-in-Command, Eastern Fleet 1942-1943; commanded Force 'H', Western Mediterranean 1943; Commander-in-Chief, Levant, Oct-Dec 1943; Second Sea Lord and Chairman of Naval Personnel, Admiralty 1944-1945; Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean 1946-1948; Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth 1948-1950; retired 1950


OTHER_PAPERS CHURCHILL ARCHIVES CENTRE, CHURCHILL COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY: Papers #from 1905 #to 1976 (13 boxes, ref: WLLS) including; correspondence relating to Willis' entry into RN; early log books #from 1905 #to 1908; diaries of operations in the Baltic #from 1918 #to 1919; diaries of Australasian cruise #year 1920; correspondence relating to his commands of HMS KENT and HMS NELSON #from 1933 #to 1934; events diary #from 1947 #to 1948; correspondence with Cabinet Office Historical Section; account, 'Churchill and the War at Sea, 1939-1945'; war memoirs; miscellaneous correspondence and cuttings; IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM, LONDON: Three scrapbooks of press cuttings relating to World War I at sea #from 1914 #to 1918; World War II memoirs #from 1939 #to 1945; SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY LIBRARY: The papers of AF Louis (Francis Albert Victor Nicholas) Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, include correspondence with Willis relating to South East Asia Command #from 1945 #to 1946 (ref: MB1/C245); the Mountbatten papers also include personal correspondence with Willis #from 1946 #to 1947 (ref: MB1/E190)

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