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Centre for Innovation, Leadership, Education and Development

Shaping the Future of Business Education

I-LEAD: Innovation, Leadership, Education and Development is focused on student success and addressing the gaps between traditional academic practices and the changing needs of students, business and society in an equitable, inclusive and sustainable way. 

The vision is to lead change through transformative business education that equips the next generation of leaders with the capabilities and mindsets to tackle global challenges. 

Embedding co-creation in its approach, I-LEAD aims to set new standards in business education through gaining insights from diverse viewpoints of how educational practices can be innovated to champion student success.


Transformative: Extending beyond academic success to foster creativity and innovation able to transform business practices, and educational systems, to make the world a better place.

Student-centred: Students are our investment in tomorrow. To gain strong, ethical leaders we must offer a secure foundation of support as they form the personal and business identities that will help them become change agents in their future careers.

Collaborative: The society we seek to serve is a rich tapestry, and the best solutions bring diverse communities to the table. Inclusivity is not just an ideal; but a practical necessity to create holistic, effective approaches from stimulating the best thinking from students, educators, industry leaders and communities, all working for real change.

Evidence-Based: A commitment to rigorous, evidence-based research ensures the educational methods and practices are effective and lead to measurable change.

Key Objectives

  1. To cultivate a safe and nurturing environment where collaborators can test, learn from, and adapt new educational initiatives for both immediate impact and long-term transformation.
  2. To equip educators with a practical and discipline-relevant sets of pedagogic tools and frameworks that work practically to help boost student success in today's complex global landscape.
  3. To position business schools as focal points for transformative change as they bring together students, policy makers and wider society to co-create and revolutionise educational methods and help to make the world a better place.

Highlights of I-LEAD's journey to date

A guiding principle throughout the journey of I-LEAD has been to ensure co-creation through engagement and alignment of all stakeholders and will continue moving forward.

  • A series of roundtable discussions were conducted with all stakeholders (students, academics, industry and government) to identify the key themes and alignment of focus for I-LEAD. The themes identified were:
    • Employability
    • Societal impact and Inclusivity
    • New ways of teaching
    • Integrating an interdisciplinary approach
  • Steering Group established to provide high level strategic guidance and direction. 
  • Competition was held inviting stakeholders to name the initiative and tagline.
  • First co-creation workshop with all stakeholders on the theme of “Employability” and focused on 'Authentic Assessments’ where several projects were identified and are currently being developed.
  • I-LEAD Webinar Series comprising different stakeholder perspectives developed and piloted.