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Enterprising Science

Watch: Science Capital in the Classroom

The Enterprising Science project has now ended. Access copies of the Science Capital Teaching Approach or the Improving Science Participation policy recommendations here. Follow the most recent work of the Science Capital team at UCL IOE here.


In the following short films, ES teachers and researchers describe their experiences of adopting a science-capital building approach in the classroom.

 The first film provides a general overview to the approach and its benefits.

 The next four films form part of a wider professional development programme aimed at supporting teachers in their efforts to build students’ science capital, enhance student engagement, and strive for greater equity in the classroom.

An Overview

An overview: Broadening student science engagement – a science capital approach.

1. A Science Capital Teaching Approach

A science capital teaching approach – an introduction to the concept of science capital and the core features of the approach.

 2. Eliciting, Valuing, and Buidling Students' Life Experiences

Eliciting, valuing and linking students’ life experiences – Our teachers showcase the key techniques of a science capital approach 

3. Building Student Science Capital:

Conveying the Transferability of Science Skills

Conveying the transferability of science skills – Individuals with high science capital understand that science can open doors to all sorts of careers. In this film, Phil explains the benefits of linking science to potential jobs and to students’ varied interests.

 4. Building Student Science Capital:

Encouraging Science-Related Attitudes and Values

Encouraging science-related attitudes and values – helping students to see the benefits of their scientific knowledge in their everyday lives. 

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