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Current and recent PhDs

PhD topics

You can find a selection of our students' PhD research topics below:
Educational Linguistics
  • An Activity Theory View of Out-of-class Use of Digital Technology in English Language Practices by Chinese Undergraduates on Chinese University Campus Ying Zhang (2010)
  • An investigation into how Japanese junior and senior high school teachers interpret and implement the teaching of English for international understanding in Japan Toshie Mimatsu (2009)
  • Children’s meaning-making in home and school
  • Curriculum innovation through teacher certification: Evaluation of a government intervention and its effects on teacher development and English language pedagogy in South Korea Tae Hee Choi (2013)
  • Engaging children in learning ecological science: The pedagogical practices of botanic garden educators J. Zhai (2011)
  • English as an Additional Language, classroom interaction and narrative: Reconstructing the distinction between everyday & academic discourse
  • Foreign/second language learning and dyslexia
  • Ideological and implementational spaces for multilingual education: A case study of Vanuatu Fiona Willans (2014)
  • Ideology and the Learner's Experience in Lesser Taught Languages
  • Language testing - the nature of professional expertise
  • Metaphor in language learning
  • Motivation in language learning Language learner beliefs: formation and change
  • Multimodality and classroom discourse
  • Perceptions, Espousals and Enactments of the language learning environment by Chinese learners of English. Implications for the acquisition of English
  • School Knowledge as "slim" and "threshold" genres: the implicit organization of genres in the Flexible Zone of Greek primary education Filippos Tentolouris (2011)
  • Supporting Natural History Enquiry In An Informal Setting: A Study Of Museum Explainer Practice Heather King (2009)
  • Supporting teachers on science-focused school trips: Towards an integrated framework of theory and practice Jennifer DeWitt (2007)
  • Supporting the Dyslexic Pupil in the Curriculum: Exploring Inclusive Practice in Mainstream Schools with Special Reference to Dyslexic Learners in the Modern Foreign Language
  • Task-based language instruction: Task conditions and performance
  • Task-based language pedagogy
  • Teacher interpretations of the National Curriculum
  • Team teaching English in Japanese schools: An exploration of how Japanese teachers of English see themselves, their teaching, and their native English-speaking assistants Sean Sutherland (2010)
  • The role of phonology in the acquisition of first and second (foreign)languages: the dyslexic learner in the MFL classroom
  • The Social Construction of EAL: A case study of school-based approaches to English as an Additional Language
  • What roles do theory and research play in language teaching? A case study on the task-based approach in language teaching Nick Andon (2009)
Language & Ethnicities
  • Ethnicity Mediated: Identity practices of diaspora on a social network site'. An investigation into how communication on an social network site reshapes versions of ethnic identity, diasporic community and place Ioanna Doutsou (2013)
  • Language shift and revival in Kazakhstan: A multi-level analysis Juldyz Smagulova (2011)    
  • Latinidad in London: An ethnographic study exploring how Latin American Londoners represent their ethnic community discursively Sophie Kelsall (2012)
  • Learning the Language of 'The Other': A Linguistic Ethnography of Turkish Language classes in a Greek-Cypriot School Constadina Charalambous (2010)
  • Multiculturalism in the curriculum
  • Representations of the Roma: Public Discourses and Local Practices Annabel Tremlett (2008)
  • Social identity, learning and social interaction in multi-cultural groups of students on an MA in English language teaching in Britain
  • The communicative construction of ethnicities and identities in the context of Anglo-Japanese children living in London
Literacy Studies
  • A Study Into Students' Use of Digital Technologies to Support Writing Difficulties, With a Particular Emphasis Upon Text Prediction Cheryl Dobbs (2013)
  • Academic Literacies Study of Personal Statements for Higher Education: Students’ and academics’ interpretations and assumptions across institutional contexts Yuan-Li Tiffany Chiu (2013)
  • Environmental education and poverty in developing countries
  • Literacy education in Tibet
  • Literacy practices and the role of Government programmes in Indian villages
  • Literature education as social practice: cultural ideologies and local enactments of a Greek-Cypriot secondary school subject Panayiota Charalambous (2010)
  • Uses and meanings of multiliteracies in a community of learners: student responses and practices in an online teaching module Nigel Medhurst (2009)
  • Uses of media in literature teaching in secondary schools
  • A study of bilingual dual activation at the phonological level in English-Punjabi speakers.
  • Development of Metaphor and Metonymy comprehension in Typically Developing Children and Children with Williams Syndrome Jo Van-Herwegen (2010)
  • The Effects of Word Order in Cognitive Processes in Arab/English Bilinguals Sarah Tashkandy (2009)
  • The processing and representation of the bilingual mental lexicon Agnieszka Tytus (2013)
Second Language Acquisition
  • Acquisition and use of collocations by French and Japanese learners of L2 English 
  • Case studies of how five learner dyads focus on form and co-construct language knowledge while engaged in collaborative output tasks Alan John Fortune (2011)
  • Effects of formative and summative assessment on L2 learning motivation in ESOL contexts
  • L2 vocabulary acquisition in Danish secondary school EFL classrooms.
  • Situated identities in language learning: A case study of Chinese students in London Stuart N Perrin (2010) 
  • The acquisition of the English tense system by EFL students: a classroom-based approach. 
Sociolinguistics and Discourse/Narrative Analysis
  • Aspiring the Global: Language, Mobilities, and Social Change in a Tourism Village in China Shuang Gao (2014, joint KCL-NUS graduate)
  • Creative misbehaviour: The use of German Kabarett in advanced foreign language classrooms
  • Communicative Practice(s) in the textual construction of knowledge: the Flexible Zone in Greek primary education
  • Constructing the expert in Greek television discussions: a study based on the analysis of conversation
  • Constructing Social Identity Through Style: A Comparative Sociolinguistic Study Between Kifisia and Peristeri
  • Deixis in spoken German and English and British and German Sign Language
  • Indexicalities of Modern Greek Speech Style: A Comparative Sociolinguistic Study on Athenian Suburban Class Identities Eirini Theodoropoulou (2010)
  • Language and Identity management across media: a Communities of Practice study of a Greek-Cypriot student Society in Britain Valentina Christodoulou (2012)
  • Language and the ageing self: A social interactional approach to identity constructions of Greek Cypriot older women Anna Charalambidou (2011) 
  • Linguistic politeness beyond modernity: A critical reconsideration of politeness theories Noriko Inagaki (2007)
  • Maniat laments as narratives: forms and norms of entextualisation Korina Giaxoglou (2008)
  • Narrating bodies: The interactional narrative construction of bodies by people who have undergone amputations and mastectomies Emily Heavey (2013)
  • Narrative and Identity in the Language Learning Project Simon Coffey (2011)
  • Native and non-native English speakers' relations at work
  • Orders of discourse and their dialectics: street slogans in Salonica, Greece as aesthetic and dialogic constructions
  • Problems of aspect in the German and English passive periphrases
  • Standardisation and script trajectories in a London call centre: An ethnography of a multilingual outbound call centre Johanna Woydack (2014)

  • Street slogans in Thessaloniki, Greece: The genre and social practice of an anti-authoritarian youth culture E. Dimitris Kitis (2013)

  • Text-messages and Social Interaction: Genre, norms and sociability in Greek SMS Thiresia Spilioti (2006)
  • The change in British perceptions of Germany 1969-1975
  • The construction of selves in life stories: Positioning activities in narratives of Second-generation Finnish-Germans
  • The social construction of EMAG: from policy to practice Tracey Costley (2010)
  • Unfriendly fire in the media: A study on the role of ‘globalised’ political expression in the German-speaking media
  • Using literature as an approach to teaching Italian for beginners
World Englishes
  • An investigation into how Japanese junior and senior high school teachers interpret and implement the teaching of English for international understanding Toshie Mimatsu (2010)
  • English as a lingua franca: An empirical study of innovation in lexis and grammar Martin Dewey (2006)
  • English as an international language: innovations and new development in form


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