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Please note: this event has passed

This conference is convened by the Department of Geography and the public international law firm, Volterra Fietta. It is dedicated to developing multidisciplinary approaches to better manage complex territorial and boundary disputes.

Leading experts from international law and the social sciences will address pressing challenges from a variety of perspectives, with panels including:

  • Physical and emotional boundaries post-Brexit
  • Borders, mobility, fences and barriers on land and sea
  • Topical boundary-related aspects of the Law of the Sea
  • The Global Commons and the oceans/Beyond the 200m limit
  • The curious incidence of islands in the sea
  • Contemplating the Middle Eastern border  

The conference will be opened by the Legal Adviser at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and will also feature two practical workshops (delivered by Marbdy Consulting Limited and Maritime Solutions Limited), where scientists and technicians will respectively teach participants the practicalities of technical aspects of maritime boundary delimitation and outer continental shelf claims.

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