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The Amazon rainforest is a vital part of Earth’s life-support system. It plays a critical role in regulating our climate and is home to an extraordinarily rich biodiversity, as well as ethnic and cultural diversity. It’s home to around 40 million people, of which more than two million are Indigenous peoples, including more than 350 ethnic groups. Protecting the forest is crucial for our planet, for biodiversity and for people’s lives.

On the International Day of Forests, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities of Brazil’s climate and nature agenda. We will look at how due diligence legislation in the EU and the UK might impact the Amazon region. We will also discuss the status of the COP26 commitments on advancing support for Indigenous peoples and local communities and the UK’s donation to the Amazon fund.

A panel discussion with:

Octavio Ferraz - Co-director, Transnational Law Institute at King’s College London

Adriana Ramos - Public Policies Specialist, at Instituto Socioambiental (ISA)

Niki Mardas - Executive Director of Global Canopy

The discussion will be moderated by Joana Setzer, researcher at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment and Cristiane Fontes, Brazil and Regional Partnerships Lead at Global Canopy.

This event will be held in person and live streamed, when registering please choose the option that suits your attendance preference.

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