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Trees mean many things to people all across the world but how much do we really know about the benefits of trees? During this time of isolation, have trees taken on a new meaning for you? 

At this online event Dr Kate Schreckenberg and Paul Laird from the NGO International Tree Foundation will share how trees benefit communities across the world, their functions and cultural significance. Artist Izzy Parker, who has designed a homemade paper tree which you can learn how to make on the video below, will join the discussion. Artist Jenny Leonard will be live sketching the event, capturing the topics through drawing. 

Bring your homemade tree along so we make a collective forest. Trees are only as strong as those around them.

Dr Kate Schreckenberg is an interdisciplinary researcher with a particular interest in natural resource governance. Her research focuses on forests and livelihoods, community-based forest management, agroforestry, equitable conservation policy and ecosystem services. The common thread linking this varied research portfolio is a focus on how nature (and particularly trees) can contribute to human wellbeing. She has 30 years’ experience of research and policy advice in the developing world, including fieldwork in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Paul Laird is Programmes Manager for the International Tree Foundation. Paul trained as a forester in Scotland and has an MSc in Environmental Management. He has over 20 years’ experience of managing forestry, agricultural and rural development projects in Africa. He has a particular interest in exploring ways in which local involvement in conservation and restoration of forests and ecosystems can contribute to sustainable livelihoods for rural communities.

Izzy Parker-Nasir is an installation artist and set designer that creates emotive immersive environments. The relationship we have with our immediate environment is central to her practice. She champions creativity and making as an essential human need and believes that creative making can help us process difficult emotions and can contribute to positive mental health. She is a current Artist in residence in Dr Gemma Modinos’ lab in the IOPPN department at Kings College London.

Jenny Leonard is a community driven commission artist always pursuing collaborative art projects that bring people together. I do live art sketching for events, meetings and conferences and I’m available for creative art workshops in schools and businesses. I believe in accessible art and I specialise in murals, scenic painting and site specific public art

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