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Join us for one of the King’s Africa Week 2020 keynote addresses.

This keynote will be an in-conversation event between Professor David Olusoga, leading Public Historian at the University of Manchester, and Professor 'Funmi Olonisakin, Co-Founder of the African Leadership Centre at King’s College London and Vice-President and Vice-Principal International.

David and 'Funmi will be discussing the legacies that have brought us to this moment, drawing on the importance of global black histories in understanding contemporary struggles. Set against the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and the COVID-19 pandemic, this year has seen the emergence of a renewed struggle for justice.

The conversation will include issues raised by David in his work looking at financial histories and ideas of reparations.

The conversation will be followed by a Q&A.


David Olusoga is a British-Nigerian historian, broadcaster and film-maker. His most recent TV series include Empire (BBC 2), Black and British: A Forgotten History (BBC 2), The World’s War (BBC 2), 3 seasons of A House Through Time (BBC 2) and the BAFTA winning Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners (BBC 2).

David is also the author of Black & British: A Forgotten History which was awarded both the Longman-History Today Trustees Award and the PEN Hessell-Tiltman Prize. His other books include The World’s War, which won First World War Book of the Year in 2015, The Kaiser’s Holocaust: Germany’s Forgotten Genocide and the Colonial Roots of Nazism and Civilizations: Encounters and the Cult of Progress.

David was also a contributor to the Oxford Companion to Black British History and writes for The Guardian and is a columnist for The Observer and BBC History Magazine. He is also one of the three presenters on the BBC's landmark Arts series Civilizations. David’s most recent book Black & British: A Short, Essential History is in the current bestsellers list.

At this event

'Funmi  Olonisakin

Vice President (International, Engagement & Service)