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With support from King’s Academy and insights from our vibrant community of students, staff, and alumni, the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience present a series of interactive talks and panel sessions to educate, inform and entertain around the topic of AI in academia and beyond. We invite guests to share their insights about how AI is transforming the world, its practical applications, and ethical challenges.

In our opening session, we will be exploring the world of AI for those with little, no, or substantial expertise. There is something for everyone. Our two keynote speakers will give an overview of both AI in academia and AI in the wider world of work and research. Then there will be a choice of two sessions:

  • A. Dr Martin Compton from King’s College London will take us through an interactive session of prompt engineering. Using some pre-written template prompts and/ or your own, you will have the chance to experiment, reflect on and critique outputs that could be used for teaching, assessment, and feedback.
  • B. A series of case studies on how AI is changing the world, including Patrick Brannelly, CEO of the 10,000 Brains Project and Meis Adwan, Conversational AI SME, Chatbot Developer & UX Researcher at Viasat Inc.

This event is for King's College London staff, students and select partners. 

At this event

Martin Compton

College Lead for AI and Innovation in Education and Programme, Module & Assessment Design Lead