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AI in Research

29MayBlue Robot with Brain inside

With support from King’s Academy and insights from our vibrant community of students, staff, and alumni, the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience present a series of interactive talks and panel sessions to educate, inform and entertain around the topic of AI in academia and beyond. We invite guests to share their insights about how AI is transforming the world, its practical applications, and ethical challenges.

This session presents a keynote by Dr Nick Cummins and a panel of guests, from seasoned health researchers to PhD students, discussing the uses of AI in a variety of contexts.

We will discover how AI is being used to understand brain mechanisms, for coding a cure for schizophrenia, for data governance and to explore the literature to increase research productivity. This is an opportunity to engage with the experts and ask questions that can enable AI to help your own research.

This event is for King's College London staff, students and select partners. 

At this event

Nicholas Cummins

Lecturer in AI for speech analysis

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