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Opening: Prof. DagAarsland, Chair of Old Age Psychiatry and Prof. Ian Everall, Executive Dean of IOPPN



Session 1: Pre-clinical: Pathology

Chair: Prof. Dag Aarsland and Frank Hirth


(10:15) Eliezer Masliah, Director, Division of Neuroscience, National Institute of Aging, Bethesda, MD, US: Synaptic pathology in synukleinopathies.

(10:45) Frank Hirth, Reader of Evolutionary Neuroscience: Alpha-synuclein accumulation causes presynaptic dysfunction and dying back-like neurodegeneration.

(11:00) Anthony Vernon, Senior Lecturer, Basic and Clinical Neuroscience: using fMRI and sMRI in various animal models of Parkinson’s disease. (11:15)

Deepak Srivastata, Senior Lecturer, Basic and Clinical Neuroscience: Super resolution imaging and the impact of alpha -syn on pre-synaptic structures.

(11:30) Richard Killick, Lecturer in Old Age Psychiatry: LRRK2 and SNCA link in with the role of APP and tau at the synapse.

(11:45) Richard Parsons, Senior Lecturer in Biochemical Toxicology: The role of cofilin and synuclein for synucleinopathy.

(12:00) Susan Duty, Reader in Pharmacology & Neuroscience: Using targeted repurposing to discover novel neuroprotective drugs

(12:15) Lawrence Rajendran, Van Geest Professor of Dementia Research: Synaptic effects associated with synuclein and iPSC derived microglia.


Lunch 1230-1330



Session 2: Clinical : Biomarkers and Therapies

Chair: Prof. K Ray Chaudhuri and Dominic ffytche


(13:30) Dominic- ffytche, Reader in Visual Psychiatry: Visual hallucinations in Lewy body disease: SHAPED trial.

(1345) Johannes Lange, Senior Research Scientist, Helse Stavanger HF: GBA and asynuclein in PD, the Norwegian ParkVest study.

(14:00) Anto Rajamani, Clinical Lecturer in Old Age Psychiatry: Potential of serum exosomal RNA biomarkers for LBD.

(14:15) Daniel van Wamelen, Postdoctoral clinical research fellow: Amyloid and repurposing apomorphine for PD.

(14:30) Valentina Leta, Clinical Research Fellow and Clinical Trials Physician, Kings College Hospital: Probioitc use and reshaping gut health in Parkinson's.

(14:45) Aleksandra Podlewska and Dhaval Trivedi, King's College Hospital: PKG wearable sensor use and tracking non-motor symptoms of PD.

(15:00) Clive Ballard,Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean, University of Exeter Medical School: New drugs targeting alphasynucleinopathies - what’s in the pipeline?

(15:15) Christoph Mueller, Clinical Lecturer in Old Age Psychiatry: How routinely collected electronic health care data can improve care for DLB patients.

(15:30) Ivana Rosenzweig, Clinical Senior Lecturer, head of Sleep and Brain Plasticity Centre: Sleep EEG as a window into the Lewy body disease.


15:45) Break



Session 3: Open Science for translational medicine

Chair: Prof. Lawrence Rajendran, Deputy director, UKDRI@KCL & van Geest prof of Dementia Research


(16:00) Prof. Daniel Wyler, Ex- Vice President of the University of Zurich: Citizen Science in the time of precision medicine

(16:20) Dr. Jon Tennant. CRI Paris, Open Science for science

(16:40) Conclusive remarks


This is open to all, no registration required but please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

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Fetal Medicine Research Institute
Fetal Medicine Research Institute, 16-20 Windsor Walk, SE5 8BB