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The Global Cultures Institute is delighted to announce its first ever Global Dialogues Seminar Series.

Anthropocene Legacies: A Global Dialogue

The online series examines the multidirectional and deep historical global legacies of what is commonly known as the Anthropocene. It brings together scholars, writers and artists who work at the crossroads of environmental humanities, postcolonial and literary theory, memory studies, and political, geological and cultural history. At the series’ nexus is an exploration into the legacies of the Anthropocene as well as an interrogation of the intimately connected histories of colonialism, capitalism and environmental injustice. In short, the seminar series 'Anthropocene Legacies' seeks to challenge the so-called neutrality of the Anthropocene to reflect on its epistemological and material heritage. It spans and reaches from the global to the local and vice versa by engaging with interdisciplinary ‘real-world contexts' research.

Convened by Clara De Massol De Rebetz (Lecturer in Cultural and Memory Studies, Department of Creative, Media and Cultural Industries)

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Clara de Massol

Lecturer in Memory Studies

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