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Please note: this event has passed

To celebrate the end of Term 1, BeActive and KCL Volleyball will be hosting 2 tournaments to showcase the skills you have picked up during the weekly sessions.

This tournament is all about having fun and finishing 2023 on a high.

Location: The Castle Centre.

Exclusively for King's Students, tickets are £2. 

How it works:

Players sign up individually, and get assigned a pool and a number (E.g B4). There will be 4 pools of 4 and 2 pools of 5 for 26 players.

The schedule will then make teams of 6 with one player from each pool to play in that round.

Players receive points based on point difference of the game (e.g. player A1s team beats A2s team 18-14. all players on A1s team gain 4 points, and all players on A2s team gain -4 points.

The player with the most points at the end of each day will get a prize! (And potentially for best spirit too)

Find out more about Men's Volleyball team here and the Women's team here.

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