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Between the Lines, an installation on display at Science Gallery London, King’s flagship exhibition space, highlights the power of bureaucratic systems and the risk that using algorithms within UK immigration and justice services could further disconnect individuals from the decisions made about them. In this ongoing research project, testimonies from people detained is encoded into synthetic DNA, embedded into writing ink, and inserted into pens. The pens are then distributed to individuals working on the frontline of UK immigration control, intending to trigger a process of reflection among the actors of this regime, as the personal experiences of those affected become part of the bureaucratic system.

Join artist Sarah Selby for the culmination of this process, as she fills the pens with the synthetic DNA writing ink, prepares them for distribution and discusses the work, in this informal durational performance.

This installation is presented as part of the AI: Who’s Looking After Me? An exhibition which takes a questioning and playful look at the ways artificial intelligence is already shaping so many areas of our lives - from our healthcare and justice systems to how we look after our pets.

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