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Catherine Waldby is a Professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Sydney. She researches and publishes in social studies of biomedicine and the life sciences. She is particularly interested in HIV/AIDS, the relations between medicine and sexuality, modes of medical imaging and representation, the stem cell sciences and human tissue economies. She has received national and international research grants for her work on embryonic stem cells, blood donation and biobanking. Professor Waldby is a fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences Australia and Director of the Biopolitics of Science research network, University of Sydney. She is the author / co-author of Clinical labour: tissue donors and research subjects in the bioeconomy; The global politics of human embryonic stem cell science: regenerative medicine in transition; Tissue economies: blood, organs and cell lines in late capitalism; The visible human project: informatic bodies and posthuman Medicine; and AIDS and the body politic: biomedicine and sexual difference.