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Bittersuite: "Without Touch" - 8 June 2018

Please note that this event has passed.

This event is part of 'Open Senses: Ideas in Progress' at Rich Mix. 

A short multi-sensory piece which invites the audience to experience stories and memories of prolonged tactile deprivation. Built across five days with a team of devisors: Michelle Wright, Sam Castell Ward, Linz Nakorn and Tiiu Mortly. Without Touch is inspired by the notion that when we shake hands, hug, high five or wrap our arms around someone it brings us closer to that person. Touch helps us connect to people and the world around us. We experience touch everyday, whether sitting on a seat on the tube, feeling our clothes against our skin, or holding our mug of hot tea.

But we all have our own thoughts on touch, our own boundaries. And some of us may experience too much touch, some not enough. 

What happens when we are not touched, or touched rarely?

Does this lack of touch affect us? If so, how?

What does touch tell us about where we are, who we are and where we belong?

This project is delivered in collaboration with King's College London, the Arts in Mind Festival and Open Senses.

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