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Book launch: ‘The Atomic Human - understanding ourselves in the age of AI’

Bush House, Strand Campus, London

05JunBook launch ‘The Atomic Human - understanding ourselves in the age of AI’


The Centre for data Futures celebrates the publication of ‘The Atomic Human’ by Professor Neil Lawrence with a cross-disciplinary conversation.

Professor Sylvie Delacroix, Director of the Centre for Data Futures, will host a conversation with Neil about The Atomic Human, whose publication comes at a pivotal point in the so-called ‘AI revolution’. What does it take for us to not only choose but carve out a future where ‘AI is a tool for us’? Who does the ‘us’ stand for? Does the fact that this revolution is powered by a resource -data- that largely comes from us change anything?

Extract from The Atomic Human’s synopsis:

‘By contrasting our capabilities with machine intelligence, The Atomic Human reveals the technical origins, capabilities and limitations of AI systems, and how they should be wielded. Not just by the experts, but ordinary people. Understanding this will enable readers to choose the future we want – either one where AI is a tool for us, or where we become a tool of AI’

Professor Neil Lawrence



19:00: A conversation with Neil Lawrence including a Q&A

20:00: Drinks Reception

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Sylvie Delacroix

Inaugural Jeff Price Chair in Digital Law and Director of the Centre for Data Futures

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