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Careful Whisper

Science Gallery London, Guy’s Campus, London

11Juntwo people in a scientific laboratory wearing masks

Careful Whisper is a new feminist intervention at Science Gallery London, King's flagship exhibition space, that brings together the expertise of artist and sociologist Nina Wakeford (Goldsmiths) with King’s professors Anne Pollock (Global Health & Social Medicine) and Susan Brain (School of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine & Sciences).

With some of the most significant developments in this field happening here at Kings, such as debates around the efficacy of stents, they will be tracking current controversies and emergent ideas.

Informed by Nina’s apprenticeship with a feminist vocal improvisor, expect sonic experiments drawn from their encounters in the cardiology labs. Not what they literally hear, but how and when sense is made.

At this event

Professor Anne Pollock

Head, Department of Global Health & Social Medicine


Professor of Pharmacology

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