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Carr Crash is a show about a world that's growing up with ChatGPT by two stand-up comedians trying to understand how AI is shaping them, their relationship and our future. Raising children is like training AIs – it’s a nightmare trying to get them to do what you want!

Carr Crash is one part Leslie Carr (Boomer and Professor of Web Science) to one part Ruby Carr (Gen-Z Instaqueen). It's an hour's comedy exploring the human side of Artificial Intelligence.

Leslie's subject is Human Centred AI, and this show is an attempt to explore it with the public. Until recently, the only people who used AI were boffins in University computer laboratories, or characters in Hollywood films. But suddenly, AI’s affecting everyone who has a smartphone and ChatGPT's threatening everyone who has a job. The rise of AI is a complicated story about advanced research, the emergence of data oligopolies like Google and big tech venture capitalism. To make it accessible, Lesie has joined up with his daughter (award winning comedy writer Ruby Carr) and turned it into a story about how their family grew up with tech like AI.

The show’s name - Carr Crash - is a nod to their family colliding with technology and the tag line is “Is it easier to teach computers or teenagers to act like humans?” It's a comedy show that contains genuine insight into how AI works and hopefully makes the audience ask the question "what sort of AIs do we really need?"


Leslie Carr started lecturing in 1998 and started standup in 2017. He is a confessional storytelling comedian with a warm and engaging stage presence. As a Professor of Web Science, he works regularly with audiences of hundreds of students who have each paid thousands of pounds per year for the unique opportunity to skip his live talks and stream them later on the Internet. He performs standup regularly in London and at comedy venues around the South Coast.

Ruby Carr started standup in April 2017. She is an insufferably delightful, high energy, storytelling comedian and a natural MC. She came to comedy from a background in theatre performing, directing and writing, and is winner of the Funny Women Comedy Writing Award 2022, Funny Women One to Watch 2021 and Finalist for Amused Moose New Act of the Year 2019.

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This event is part of the King's Festival of Artificial Intelligence, running from Tuesday 21 to Saturday 25 May 2024.

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