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This session will feature three PhDs students in the School of Security Studies with decades of combined experience both in research and practice of post-conflict reconstruction. Join us to hear about how non-state actors, including NGOs and private contractors are involved in unexpected ways in post-conflict contexts, focusing on Africa. The conversation will be hosted by Miranda Melcher, who will be discussing these topics with Whitney Grespin and Stanislava Mladenova and will conclude with an opportunity for an audience Q&A.



Host & Speaker: Miranda Melcher, PhD candidate, Defence Studies Department. Miranda focuses on post-conflict military integration and peace treaty negotiation, including the role of non-state actors including mediation NGOs and UN peacekeepers and negotiators, which are examples she will be bringing to this discussion.

Speaker: Whitney Grespin, PhD candidate, Defense Studies Department. Whitney is foreign policy scholar and practitioner focused on contingency contracting and security force assistance, which are the topics and examples she will be drawing on in this talk.

Speaker: Stanislava Mladenova, PhD candidate, Department of War Studies. She focuses on the interaction between military and civilian entities in military operations other than war. Prior to her current study, Stanislava was a Program Officer at the United States Institute of Peace’s Justice and Security Dialogue Program, where she focused on implementing projects targeted to establish dialogue and cooperation between the police forces, gendarmerie and local communities in six West African countries. 

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