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Please note: this event has passed

Chair: Dr Charlie Laderman, Lecturer in International History, Department of War Studies

Discussant: Dr Tim Stevens, Senior Lecturer in Global Security Department of War Studies

Speaker: Dr Kevin O'Brien, Consultant on security matters to Governments and the Private Sector


Dr Kevin O'Brien, Visiting Senior Research Fellow at King’s College London, will discuss his career working in the field of digital intelligence and cyber security for governments and the private sector.  


'Conversations with Strategy' is an events series offering all War Studies students a unique opportunity to gain insights from some of our most prestigious visiting fellows. From former diplomats to intelligence analysts, journalists, civil servants and policymakers, visiting fellows will discuss their career journey, key tips, advice for success in their chosen profession and the lessons they’ve learned, and offer insights into contemporary strategic challenges.

This will be followed by a Q & A and conversation with students.



Dr Kevin A. O'Brien is a Visiting Senior Research Fellow in Digital Intelligence and Cyber Security at King's College London, as well as a consultant on security matters to governments and the private sector.

He has previously held roles in the Canadian Government and RAND Europe; served as a security advisor to a number of Western governments on a range of contemporary security issues; and taught postgraduate courses in intelligence and security studies at King's College London and the University of Hull, from where he obtained his PhD.

He has written extensively about contemporary intelligence, security and defence matters for more than 25 years.

Kevin’s research interests focus on a number of key areas – including:

  • Intelligence and national security – especially across the FIVE EYES (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) and other Western countries and alliances
  • Cyber-threats, cyber-security and cyber-operations
  • Terrorism and counter-terrorism since 1968, in both the real world and the digital world
  • Technology, data, and their uses in public safety, security, defence and intelligence
  • The privatisation of security, intelligence, and military capabilities since the 1960s
  • South African security and intelligence


This event is part of the 'Conversations with Strategy' seminar series, that will offer students a unique opportunity to gain insights from the Department's distinguished visiting fellows.

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Visiting Senior Research Fellow

Charlie Laderman

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Tim  Stevens

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