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Join this interactive session led by Dr Kieran O'Halloran as he outlines innovative approaches to using Generative AI to develop creative thinking for undergraduate students.

Creative thinking is a key life skill and, in today’s job market, a desired one. From an undergraduate module he developed—Working Creatively with Digital Texts (5SSEL033)—he will share innovative approaches deploying Generative AI for developing creative thinking.

This module, open to students across King’s, enhances imaginative capacities by fostering inventive interpretation of short stories. The heart of the module involves students building a unique ‘assemblage’ around a short story—an evolving network of different connections promoting experimentation with unexpected ideas. Students play with different connections such as psychological theories about characters in the story, and Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, which they use to produce fresh insights into the text. Such diverse connections help them break free from first impressions, uncovering new possibilities for interpretation.

Kieran will walk through a case study using Edgar Allan Poe’s chilling tale, ‘The Black Cat’ and how Generative AI can be used to extend interpretation (see O’Halloran, 2024). In the interactive part of the session, participants will use ChatGPT themselves to brainstorm alternative assemblages for fresh interpretations of ‘The Black Cat’. There are three key takeaways: i) insightful techniques on leveraging Generative AI to augment human creativity; ii) how Generative AI can be used in a university assignment while safeguarding academic integrity; iii) the value of developing cross-disciplinary university modules that enhance imagination—including those facilitating experimentation with Generative AI tools for this goal—in order also to foster adaptability and risk-taking, essential components of the in-demand skill of creative thinking.


Dr Kieran O'Halloran is an educationalist who researches and teaches thinking skills - especially creative thinking and critical thinking - using digital technologies.

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This event is part of the King's Festival of Artificial Intelligence, running from Tuesday 21 to Saturday 25 May 2024.

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