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Day Centre Research Forum - April 2024

This Forum meeting, on Thursday 11th April (2-4pm), will focus on day centres for older people: their role in meeting policy objectives, models of provision, doing participatory action research in them and relational practice in them. Each of the two presenters will speak for around 30 minutes and there will be time after each talk for questions and discussion.

It is free to attend and will take place virtually. Registered attendees will be able to access the event via the Online Event Page in Eventbrite.

Talk 1: Ailsa Cameron (University of Bristol)

Title: Reimagining day care for older adults: what role can they play in policy and practice?

Ailsa will consider the role of local authority funded day care in meeting policy objectives across the social care and health sectors and will set out three models of day care provision suggested by data collected in the NIHR School for Social Care Research project ‘Reimagining Collective Forms of Day Care’. Follow Ailsa.

Talk 2: Catrin Noone (Durham University)

The day centre: a site for relational practice?

Catrin will unpack insights from a Participatory Action Research study, delving into the challenges and opportunities of applying this approach in a day centre setting. Drawing on a social work perspective, she will explore the value of generalist day centres as ‘sites’ for relational practice, emphasising their unique ability to go beyond person-centredness and toward person-led practices. From here, we will discuss and reflect on the transformative potential of generalist day centres in fostering genuine connections for older people and reprioritising relational practice in social work. Follow Catrin.


This event is free to attend. Please book your place on Eventbrite.

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