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Diverse day centre target users and programming


Providing day centre services for mixed groups of adults

Caroline Bucklee and Angela Denvir (Northern Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland)

Within the NHSCT, we offer day centre services across 10 facilities, to adults and older people with mental health issues, physical disabilities and/or learning disabilities. This presentation will consider how our day centre services are organised and managed to promote inclusion for all service users, and will explore some of the benefits and challenges of delivering services for mixed cohorts of adults.

Reasons for, and responses to, time-limited day centre programming

Robert Hagan (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Day centres often operate open-ended service delivery. In line with reablement principles, one health and social care trust in Northern Ireland has adopted time-limited services. This presentation explores both the service provider’s rationale for this, and the impact on and view of participants.

At this event

Katharine Orellana

Research Fellow