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Social Enterprise in Adult Day Care: Marketing and Sustainability - Madeline Powell (University of York)

Through her research on exploring marketing in social enterprise and how this can contribute to financial sustainability, Madeline has identified four key routes to sustainability through marketing. She presented key ways in which adult day care providers can use marketing effectively and how it can enable them to manage both their social and economic bottom lines effectively. Her model of marketing was specifically developed for social enterprises delivering day care. It focuses on relationship management of multiple stakeholders which are an effective route to organisational sustainability.

The meaning and measurement of person-centred care: Using the Person-Centred Community Care Inventory (PERCCI) to evaluate the quality of care experiences - Mark Wilberforce (University of York)

Social care providers are expected to deliver care congruent with person-centred principles, but what exactly is person-centred care, and how can we demonstrate if care is meeting what older people prioritise? The PERCCI is a short, freely available 12-question tool that enables providers to gauge the quality of the care experience. Mark shared how older people co-produced the PERCCI, how its rigour was tested and how it can be used by front-line community services to monitor quality and identify potential problems.

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