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Speaker: Caitjan Gainty, Senior Lecturer in the History of Science, Technology & Medicine, Faculty of Arts & Humanities, King’s College London

Facilitator: Johanna Kieniewicz, Head of Education and Research Collaborations, King's Culture, King’s College London

Caitjan is one of the founders of Healthy Scepticism – a Wellcome funded project that seeks to listen to the historical and modern-day voices of those who doubt, criticise and reject mainstream medicine. Via in situ research, community, policy and practitioner collaborations, contemplative artistic projects and public engagement activities, the project aims to learn how we can inspire and enact positive, inclusive, and effective healthcare change.

In this seminar, Caitjan will reflect on her experience of being part of Healthy Scepticism and share her thoughts on:

  • The role public engagement can play in a research project beyond communicating the results, and methods for embedding it
  • The benefits and challenges of multi-disciplinarity
  • Building networks with those beyond academia
  • Taking part in King’s Artists programme, and the value of collaborating with artists
  • Bringing about effective change through public engagement activities
  • Applying for public engagement funding

The seminar will take place on MS Teams, and is open to all King’s staff and students. 

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Caitjan Gainty

Senior Lecturer in the History of Science, Technology & Medicine

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