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The Impact Accelerator projects will maximise impact from existing responsible AI research to rapidly realise benefits for the economy, society, culture, policy, health, the environment, and quality of life.


This webinar will feature the following projects:


Speech is the richest, most precious form of human communication. But speech-based interactive systems are currently available for only a small fraction of the world’s languages. Consequently, hundreds of millions of people are being excluded globally. For the past three years we have worked with under-served "low-resource" language communities to explore highly innovative responsible AI techniques for developing speech recognition with low data requirements. In this project we will facilitate the uptake of the speech toolkit that we have created, working with a network of community partners and NGOs to prove and refine the tools, and expand spoken language support.

Project lead: Professor Simon Robinson, Swansea University. Working with Minah's Research Services and Studio Hasi.



The United Kingdom and European Union are creating new regulations for AI transparency; drafting and implementing laws that will require bodies to communicate when they are using AI, and how they are using it. However, the exact meaning of ‘AI transparency’ is contestable, so implementing these rules requires interpretation. Our aim is to examine how data scientists are interpreting and implementing transparency rules in practice, and how they plan to in the future. We will create two legal and responsible innovation toolkits to help Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) comply with AI transparency requirements.

Project lead: Joshua Krook, Researcher on the Regulation of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). University of Antwerp.


This webinar will be chaired by Professor | Yr Athro Matt Jones, Co-lead Research Programme at Responsible AI UK.