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Please note: this event has passed

To mark the final day of the exhibition AI: Who's Looking After Me?, currently on display at Science Gallery London, King’s flagship exhibition space, experience an afternoon of moving image works that explore current discussions around artificial intelligence in relation to the natural world.

What might be gained through deep listening and tuning in to non-human and more-than-human perspectives?

Shown on a timed loop in the Gallery's Atrium from midday-5pm, the curated programme features:

THOSE WHO WERE LIVING - Sofy Yuditskaya & Andrew Macfarlane
(2023, 38 mins)

The first in a series of videos where the artists used AI to generate extinct animals within disappearing landscapes in the Arctic, Amazon, and Kerala. Once we and our ecosystems are all gone maybe only the AIs will dream of the past?

(2021, 6 mins)

Mineral Wasteland focuses on negative impacts of technological development on the natural environment, and also depicts a posthuman age wasteland in which digital entities will still exist on the earth but integrate with nature. It will carry the memory of consumerism, modernism and capitalism that we experience in the present.

DIGITAL ESOTERISM - Ginevra Petrozzi
(2021, 7 mins)

Digital Esoterism explores how divination tools might be refashioned in order to reclaim a sense of agency against Big Data, which, in the era of Surveillance Capitalism, has become a quasi-magical entity predicting and programming the future. Reaching into the origin of magic as an anti-capitalist tool could change the way we perceive modern systems of control such as Big Data, and Surveillance, which often, without our consent and knowledge, guide our choices and actions.

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