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ALC research seminar on 'ESG, Australian mining companies and their operations abroad'

Bush House South East Wing, Strand Campus, London

29Mayenvironmental pollution smoke stacks

Multinational corporations across a variety of industries often make bold claims to sustainability, human rights and good governance. However, their efforts to promote safe, healthy and ethical working environments (up and down their supply chains) present both risks and opportunities for stakeholders. Whilst the academic and policy focus to date has tended to be on the ‘environmental’ aspects of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), especially climate change, other less-readily quantifiable factors are also in need of attention.

Bribery, corruption, modern slavery, gender equality, water consumption, biodiversity use and cultural heritage all loom large in the emerging landscape of corporations doing business in foreign environments. Numerous frameworks for protection (voluntary and enforceable) are in place, but exactly what claims are being made and how are private actors being held to account?

This seminar will explore the phenomenon of ESG with respect to Australian mining companies operating abroad. It will focus on requirements under Australian law to both report on, and make reasonable efforts to, avoid certain illegal and immoral behaviours. In so doing, it highlights areas of potential law and policy reform and further research.

This is a hybrid event. Participants can choose to join in-person or online. A link to join online will be emailed upon registering. 

About the speaker

Dr Evan Hamman

Evan holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce, a Masters in Environmental Science and Law, and a PhD. His research focuses on questions of implementation and compliance with environmental law. He has an ongoing interest in the role of regulation in governance as well as the phenomenon of ESG (environmental, social and governance) and its use by corporate actors. Evan has worked extensively with other disciplines including ecologists, marine biologists, heritage practitioners, policymakers and economists. He has collaborated with scholars from China, Japan, the United States, Canada, Norway, Brazil, and the South Pacific.

Evan is the co-author of two recently published books: Implementing the World Heritage Convention: The Politics of Compliance (Edward Elgard, 2023) and Natural Capital, Agriculture and the Law (Edward Elgar 2022). He is currently investigating the ‘no-go’ commitments made by financial institutions under the World Heritage Convention.

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