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With support from King’s Academy and insights from our vibrant community of students, staff, and alumni, the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience present a series of interactive talks and panel sessions to educate, inform and entertain around the topic of AI in academia and beyond. We invite guests to share their insights about how AI is transforming the world, its practical applications, and ethical challenges.

In this session, led by Dr Raquel Iniesta, we will navigate the intricate moral landscape of AI. With AI emerging in every single sector, several important ethical challenges rise from the use of AI in healthcare, education, safety, or industry. Is it safe to use AI to prescribe a drug? Is it ethical that students use AI in their studies?

Through a series of case studies, we aim to introduce important AI related ethical dilemmas as unfairness, bias, dehumanisation, or disempowerment. Together with experts in the field, we will also reflect on what can be our role to proactively prevent the existing ethical risks and to ensure that human dignity is preserved in a rapidly evolving scene dominated by AI.


This event is part of the Prediction Modelling series. The Prediction Modelling group hosts regular presentations to engage and introduce new members to our community. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact

This event is for King's College London staff, students and select partners. 

At this event

Raquel Iniesta

Senior Lecturer in Statistical Learning for Precision Medicine