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The Future of Legal Practice

The way we practice law is changing. Business needs are evolving rapidly. In a globalised and strongly competitive market, companies require lawyers with a deep understanding of the way they operate. They need creative and dedicated lawyers who know how to harness the law to make their business thrive. At the same time, artificially intelligent systems are being deployed throughout the legal sector. They can summarise large bodies of text, highlight important clauses in contracts, perform due diligence, or assess viability of litigation. And they do so with high accuracy, much faster than humans. Where does that leave us? 

We believe that these developments are not - as Susskind put it - "The End of Lawyers". Far from being an existential threat, they are a call for us to rethink the nature of legal services - to be imaginative. What will our clients, now and in the next decades, require from us as (aspiring) legal professionals? How can we best learn to fully understand our clients' needs and help them navigate the law in a way that makes most sense for them? And what role can technological developments play in our ability to do so effectively?

To explore these and other related questions with us, the Professional Law Institute is inviting students, academics, practitioners, and members of the public with an interest in the subject to attend our lecture series: The Future of Legal Practice.

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