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Executive MBA Masterclass - Enabling Strategic Transformation: The Role of HR

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Join our upcoming online executive masterclass with Dana Minbaeva, discussing the role of HR in enabling strategic transformation.

According to recent statistics, a staggering 70% of strategic transformations fail. Despite these shocking odds, organizations worldwide embark on the formidable journey of digitalising their entire business processes. The journey is often marked by a sense of bewilderment, confusion, emotional exhaustion, and significant financial investments. 

In this webinar, Professor Minbaeva will discuss three key areas within the purview of your HR departments that are considered essential for any business aspiring to attain long-term success in it's strategic transition.


Join our expert Professor Dana Minbaeva (Professor of Strategic Human Capital) for this online masterclass. You'll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the Executive MBA.

About our Executive MBA

Throughout the programme, you’ll develop into the best leader you can be – capable and responsible in equal measures. One day you might work on the practical challenges a real business is facing. The next, you might discuss ideas for driving change across whole communities.

You’ll be exposed to the latest developments in everything from neuroscience to strategic transformation. As well as surrounding yourself with top minds and influential peers, you’ll look inwards. One-on-one coaching, skills workshops, and resilience training will build your confidence to lead and succeed.

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Dana Minbaeva

Professor of Strategic Human Capital


Client Relationship Manager, Executive Education

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