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Dignity & Resistance: Community pathways for resisting gendered urban violence in Rio de Janeiro and London

Exhibition Launch and talk: 4th May, from 6pm-8pm. RSVP here.

The exhibition draws on the recent body of collaborative research led by Professor Cathy McIlwaine (Department of Geography, King’s College London) with a number of international and local partners, gathering evidence around the pathways that women living in peripheral communities in Brazil, and Brazilian migrants in London develop - consciously and unconsciously - to resist direct and indirect gender-based violence.

Although geographically and culturally focused on the Brazilian community, the interdisciplinary and multi-method approaches capture the many forms in which direct and indirect violence occur, and the ways they are embedded in women’s everyday lives yet stretching from the scale of the body to the global. When women are targeted by an unimaginable variety of forms of gendered urban violence, they are also agents of coping with this same violence - from individual small daily acts to collective and structural political actions.

Make sure you sign up for two other events that are part of this exhibition programme:

5th May, 6pm to 8pm: Talk: Body Mapping and Social Memory Technology fighting VAWG.

A conversation about innovative research methods capturing formal and informal resistance against gendered violence in Rio de Janeiro. RSVP here 


12th May, 6pm to 8pm: Workshop: Creative Community Resistance - Brazilian migrant women in London

A conversation about how creative research methods can capture resistance against gendered violence among Brazilian migrants in London RSVP here 

At this event

Professor Cathy McIlwaine

Vice Dean (Research), Faculty of Social Sciences and Public Policy

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The Exchange
Bush House North East Wing, Aldwych , WC2B 4BG