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FANS Science Meeting - January 2020 - 30 January 2020

Please note that this event has passed.


Talk 1: Sensory abnormalities are common in neurodevelopmental disorders, including ASD and ADHD. However, sensory processing abnormalities are often studied subjectively and the underlying neurophysiological principles, as well as the impact of clinical manifestations of these disorders, remain unclear. Tactile processing is closely linked to the inhibitory system, and the inhibitory system has been shown to be impacted in both ASD and ADHD.

In this talk, Nick will present his work quantifying tactile abnormalities in ASD and ADHD, linking these to inhibitory measures (with 1H-MRS) showing that abnormal brain GABA potentially drives altered tactile function, and that disorder-specific tactile abnormalities are closely related to disorder-specific clinical symptoms.


Bio: A Senior Lecturer at the FANS department (IoPPN), Nick’s primary work focuses on using multimodal approaches (psychophysics, MRI/MRS, and TMS) to study the neurophysiology of normal and abnormal tactile function, with a focus on studying how abnormal sensory processing is related to GABAergic dysfunction in children with neurodevelopmental disorders.


Talk 2: What’s the best way to get your work accepted in selective journals? In this talk, former FANS postdoc turned editor Dr Jamie Horder will discuss the different types of journals out there, what editors look for when deciding what to send out to review, and how to improve your chances of success in publishing your work. He will also be happy to answer questions from anyone interested in editorial careers.

Bio: After his PhD in Oxford, Jamie did his postdoc research at the FANS department, with a focus on investigating brain GABA and glutamate in autism using MRI, EEG and PET. Since 2017 he has been employed by SpringerNature as an associate editor at Nature Communications and had recently moved to Nature Human Behaviour.


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