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Advancements in generative AI are revolutionising the creation of virtual characters and fantasies by leveraging AI image, video, voice, and language generation. This trend has the potential to enhance virtual experiences, offering new possibilities for personalised interactions. However, for those already experiencing discrimination and marginalisation in technology and cultural production, the control over collective and individual identity faces increasing threats. Generative AI art has led to the appropriation of women's images, shaping new female fantasies within male-dominated spaces. This new hands-on workshop delves into generative AI identity and fiction-making, fostering collective discussion and knowledge-sharing on its impact on our collective and individual identities. This will be the first time it has run so we appreciate your feedback in developing it further.

The workshop is for women and gender non-conforming people. Please bring a laptop if you have one. In the workshop you will work on your own AI portrait, ideally of yourself, so you will need to consider how to describe your appearance by developing a written prompt. If this is something you do not feel comfortable with you could describe another person. At the end of the workshop, if you choose, we will invite you to share the prompts you have written with the group.

Aste Amundsen, Artist and PhD Researcher at StoryFutures, Royal Holloway University of London

Dr Coral Manton, Senior Lecturer in Creative Computing at Bath Spa University

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Bush House (SE)2.01 (South-East Block)
Bush House South East Wing
Strand, London WC2R 1AE