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We are all aware of the horrific abuses going on inside Russia. But, when based in the West, we often have to ask ourselves — what can we do about this? Can we really help the persecuted? This sense of hopelessness can be overpowering — so Dan Storyev of OVD-Info will give a presentation explaining, from the perspective of a Russian activist, how the West can still help. Dan will outline sanctions, people-to-people diplomacy, building resilience, and more.

Understanding how to impact the state of human rights in Russia is not only valuable from a moral standpoint but it is also necessary when seen through a security lens. A Russia that is at peace with itself would be at peace with its neighbours.


Dan Storyev, managing editor, OVD-Info

Dan, an Oxford graduate, runs the English division at OVD-Info — which is Russia’s leading human rights monitoring and legal aid project.

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Bush House North East Wing
Bush House North East Wing, 30 Aldwych, WC2B 4BG