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Force Talk: Dr Benoit Ladoux - The role of mechanics in the maintenance of epithelial integrity - 8 February 2023

Please note that this event has passed.

Join Dr Benoit Ladoux from Institut Jacques Monod for a Force Talk entitled 'The role of mechanics in the maintenance of epithelial integrity.' 

This event was previously scheduled for 2 November 2022 and has now been rescheduled.


Epithelia are communities of epithelial cells with close intercellular communications and of highly ordered coordination in their motility. Tissues can adjust their internal contractile stresses and organization in response to different stimuli, leading to distinct dynamics. Mechanical properties of epithelial tissues are important for our understanding in many vital biological processes, including homeostasis, morphogenesis, and metastasis and are tightly regulated by cell-cell interactions. I will present examples highlighting the importance of collective behaviours to understand tissue regulation. In the first part, I will first describe the example of cell extrusion of apoptotic cells from epithelial tissues. I will then discuss why cellular monolayers can display various active behaviors as exemplified by the contractile nature of fibroblasts and the extensile nature of epithelial cells or neural crest cells and how this could have some implications in cell sorting and tissue organisation. Finally, I will show how substrate rigidity can alter tissue integrity and lead to hole formation due to large stress fluctuations.


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At this event

Sergi  Garcia-Manyes

Sergi Garcia-Manyes

Professor of Biophysics

Katelyn Spillane

Katelyn Spillane

Senior Lecturer in Experimental Biophysics

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