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Join Professor Cindy (Cynthia) A. Reinhart-King from Vanderbilt for a Force Talk entitled 'Phenotypic Heterogeneities: Parsing apart migration phenotypes in cancer'

Cancer cells exhibit a spectrum of migration behaviors: from ameboid to mesenchymal, single cells to collective, slow to fast. In identifying the most aggressive behaviors or the signaling pathways and genes that control these behaviors, the heterogeneities within the population can cloud the subtle differences responsible for the most extreme, outlier behaviors. In this talk, I will describe our efforts to sort and study cells based on their migration behaviors to identify the drivers of the most migratory populations. Cells were sorted based on their migration ability into two subpopulations: highly and weakly migratory cells. These subpopulations were then used to study the role of migration in the metastatic cascade. I will also discuss our work investigating the role of metabolism in driving cell migration and how metabolic heterogeneities can result in significant differences in cell migration behaviors. Together, this work begins to describe the role of phenotypic heterogeneities in metastasis and illustrates in several examples how heterogeneity in population-based measurements can obscure our ability to identify major drivers of migration.

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Professor of Biophysics

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