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Join Professor Jinwoo Cheon from Yonsei University for a Force Talk entitled "Designer nanomachines for mechano-neuroscience and beyond".


Nanochemistry has been essential to create ”designer nanomachines” that come with mechanical functions in nanoscale precision for next-generation biomedical sciences for identifying and executing desired missions. In this talk, I will discuss ”magneto-mechanical nanoparticles” as core platform materials and tools for a variety of functionalities such as targeting and signalling of cells and live animals in a selective and efficient way. Some of these nanomachines composed of Au cages with magnetic engines along with DNA clutches for programmable mechanical force generations. These tools serve as a modulator for cell signalling of neurons via “magneto-mechanical-genetics (MMG)” for the therapeutic and motion/behaviour control of live animals. MMG serves as one of the most advanced technologies in controlling neurons for brain stimulations via remote and wireless fashion.


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Professor Jinwoo Cheon is the Founding Director, Institute for Basic Science (IBS) Center for Nanomedicine and G. Underwood Professor, Department of Chemistry, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea

Dr Cheon’s research is focused on the “development of nanoparticle probes for imaging and control of cellular functions in the deep tissue of living systems.”

After his undergraduate major in chemistry at Yonsei University, Dr Cheon received his Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1993.

His contributions have been recognized with accolades including Humboldt Research Award (2023), U. of Illinois Sheth International Alumni Award for Exceptional Achievements (2018), Samsung Ho-Am Prize (2015), KCS Academic Achievement Award (2013), POSCO ChungAm Prize (2012), and Inchon Prize (2010). Currently, Dr Cheon is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and American Chemical Society. Since 2009, he has been a senior editor of Accounts of Chemical Research.

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