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Join Professor Johanna Ivaska from the University of Turku for a Force Talk entitled "Uncoupling cell responses and stiffness".


Tissue homeostasis is dependent on the spatially controlled localization of specific cell types and the correct composition of the extracellular stroma. Integrin mediated adhesions, in conjunction with the actin cytoskeleton, allow cells to sense the stiffness of the surrounding extra-cellular matrix (ECM). Conversely, cells exert acto-myosin and integrin dependent forces to remodel and organize the surrounding ECM. In cancer, stiffening of the tumor stroma is considered as an instrumental contributor to tumor progression and cell responses such and migration and spreading are considered as a proxy for increased matrix rigidity. We have recently uncovered mechanisms that uncouple this link and enable cells to migrate towards softer environments or spread efficiently on soft supports. I will describe our recent findings on the interrelationship between cell behaviour and stiffness and how these are fine-tuned by cell type and context-dependent signalling and receptor expression profiles.

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Sergi  Garcia-Manyes

Professor of Biophysics