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GenAI in the Law School Classroom: Pedagogy and Technology Workshop

Macadam Building, London

02JulGenAI in the Law School Classroom: Pedagogy and Technology Workshop, Tuesday 2 July 9:00 - 17:00

Generative AI in the legal classroom: pedagogy meets technology

How might we transform the legal classroom — and perhaps even the entire legal curriculum — with generative AI? Whether you're a beginner or are already experimenting, this one-day workshop will demystify generative AI and give you the tools and mindsets to confidently integrate it into your law school teaching. Join us for a day of interactive workshopping and leave with practical strategies, ideas for lesson plans and assessments, and a deeper understanding of the ethical and human considerations surrounding this transformative technology. Participate in interactive prompt-building sessions, brainstorm innovative lesson and assessment plans, and discuss AI's broader impact on the legal education and the profession.

The workshop will be led by legal educators who are actively exploring, experimenting, and building with gen AI inside and outside of the classroom. Hosted by The Dickson Poon School of Law at King’s College London, and with the support of the Vanderbilt AI Law Lab at Vanderbilt Law School, the workshop will be run at the beautiful Strand Campus of King’s College London in July 2024.


  1. Develop a foundational understanding of generative AI: Participants will grasp the core principles of how generative AI models function, including their potential and limitations within a legal academic context.
  2. Master the art of prompt engineering and GPT creation: Participants will learn how to construct effective pedagogical prompts and design custom GPTs to direct AI models toward relevant legal scenarios, research tasks, and academic content generation.
  3. Design AI-Powered learning activities: Participants will brainstorm and develop AI-integrated exercises, assessments, and feedback mechanisms that can enhance teaching approaches across the law school curriculum.
  4. Identify ethical considerations: Participants will engage in critical discussions about the ethical implications of AI in legal education and legal practice, exploring issues of bias, accountability, and responsible use.
  5. Explore the unique human strengths of legal professionals: Participants will consider how we leverage our essential human skills for a competitive edge in a world of AI tools.


Cat Moon, Founding Co-Director, Vanderbilt AI Law Lab (VAILL), Vanderbilt Law School

Cat Moon VU headshot 2024

Mark Williams, Founding Co-Director, Vanderbilt AI Law Lab (VAILL), Vanderbilt Law School

Mark J william

At this event

Dan Hunter

Executive Dean, The Dickson Poon School of Law

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