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The International Partnership projects will develop strategic collaborations with world-leading research organisations to ensure society deploys and uses AI in a responsible way, beyond national boundaries. These projects will explore technical, social, legal and ethical challenges to generate global impact for people, communities, and societies.


This webinar will feature the following projects:


For democratic elections to be trusted they must be free and fair. To ensure this, democracies across the world establish regulators and management bodies to oversee electoral activity. However, we know that these bodies often operate on a limited budget with limited personnel. They have also been slow to adapt to the digital age and to harness the power of automation. This project will bring together an international team of researchers, practitioners, and activists to develop automated systems to promote compliance and test these tools to protect against backfire effects and engender trust.

Project lead: Dr Sam Power, University of Sussex. Working with University of Sheffield, Johns Hopkins University, International Foundation for Electoral Systems, International IDEA, OpenSecrets, and InternetLab



The integration of AI-based tools into routine clinical care is opening the door to a completely new paradigm where doctors and AI systems collaborate to decide a right diagnosis or treatment for a patient, based on individual’s biomedical information. Several important ethical challenges rise from the development of clinical AI to its implementation. What happens if the AI tool and the clinician disagree? Who holds responsibility? Is there a risk of human replacement? Can we battle models' bias and potential unfairness? Is there a risk of disempowerment of clinicians and patients? In the year of the UK AI global summit and the European AI act, this project aims to build international partnerships with academia, governments from all over the world, and industry agents to reflect together with patients and clinicians about the human role that can ensure an ethical development and deployment of clinical AI models that can benefit all and respect human dignity.

Project Lead: Dr Raquel Iniesta, King’s College London. Working with the Government of Catalonia and Open University of Catalonia


This webinar will be chaired by Professor Gina Neff, Chair, Strategy Group at Responsible AI UK.