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Heads up! Shining a light on innovations in oral health 

2 – 13 December 2019 | Monday – Friday, 12.00 – 18.00

Free admission

The mouth is a mirror of mind and mood. Beyond this, it is a gateway to a remarkable microbiome that shapes many of our sensory experiences, affecting self-esteem and influencing our quality of life.

This exhibition in the Arcade at Bush House is the culmination of the Arts in Dentistry Innovation Programme – an experimental arts-based approach that has brought new perspectives to the Faculty of Dentistry, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences’ aim to understand disease, enhance health and restore function.

The exhibition and events programme seek to showcase how art-science collaborations can illuminate the lived experience of patients and clinicians, bring new perspectives to researchers, and offer innovative approaches to student education. Although each of the projects are different, they all powerfully demonstrate how collaborative dialogue can invite multiple perspectives and shine a light on the fascinating world of craniofacial research – through and beyond the mouth.

Heads up! Shining a light on innovations in oral health aims to showcase an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach, with the aim of inspiring researchers to be more creative, support further innovation, improve patient care and enhance student education.

There is a programme of accompanying events and a film showcasing the Arts in Dentistry Innovation collaborations will be shown as part of the exhibition.

Heads up! Shining a light on innovations in oral health is a collaboration between King’s College London’s Faculty of Dentistry, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences and the university’s Culture team.

Image: Human ear drum and canal at 17 gestational weeks – Mona Mozaffari, Centre for Craniofacial, Stem Cell & Regenerative Biology, King’s College London

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Bush House Arcade
Arcade at Bush House, South Wing, Strand WC2B 4PJ