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Join us to celebrate this special milestone for our new professors and hear about their inspiring career journeys. 


Professor Carsten Flohr - Worms, germs, eczema and beyond

Professor Carsten Flohr, School of Basic & Medical Biosciences, will take you on a journey to Vietnam where he examined the impact of gut parasites on the risk of developing eczema and allergies. He will also talk about a breastfeeding promotion trial in Belarus and how eczema can cause food allergies through the skin. Furthermore, Carsten will show recent findings of his group on how exposure to domestic hard water can lead to eczema in infancy and on the role of the gut and skin microbiome in the disease. Finally, he will introduce some of the exciting new eczema treatments that are coming through trials into clinical practice.


Professor Sophia Karagiannis - Monoclonal antibodies for cancer therapy: insights from human immunity

Hear from Professor Sophia Karagiannis, School of Basic & Medical Biosciences, who will discuss her team’s work in unravelling previously-unappreciated mechanisms that prevent the immune system from launching effective antibodies to eradicate tumours, and how these insights inform the design of new therapeutic antibodies which are able to recruit immune cells against tumours.


A drinks reception will follow after the lectures 


Event details

Tower Lecture Theatre
Guy’s Hospital
Guy’s Hospital, St Thomas Street, London, SE1 9RT