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Please note: this event has passed

Join us to celebrate this special milestone for our new professors and hear about their inspiring career journeys.

And so to sleep

Sleep is important for any living creature to restore function, rest and regenerate. However, some sleep disorders lead to sleep fragmentation which results in daytime symptoms like sleepiness, and potential long-term ill health. In his lecture, Professor Joerg Steier will discuss sleep-disordered breathing, particularly obstructive sleep apnoea, how to best treat it, and what to consider if first-line therapy fails. 

The methadone queen

This lecture will take you through Professor Kim Wolff's early career as a PhD student studying the pharmacokinetics of methadone in heroin addicts and her continued interest in problematic drug use and abuse over the last 20 years, through to her work in supporting the new government legislation for Drug-Driving to her current role as the new Director of King’s Forensics

Event details

Lecture Theatre 1
New Hunt’s House
Great Maze Pond, London, SE1 9RT