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Join us to celebrate this special milestone for our new professors and hear about their inspiring career journeys.

Low temperature and its importance for 3D electron microscopy

The ways in which cellular architecture is modelled to support cell function is a poorly understood facet of biology. However, the compartmentalization of mutually exclusive reactions in cells by membrane-enclosed organelles is a basic mechanism of life.

Professor Roland Fleck will describe how in life science, it is often not the microscope limiting resolution, but rather the sample and the processes applied, that makes it compatible with the high vacuum electron microscope environment.  The most challenging of these techniques employ low temperatures to fix yet proffer the potential to perfectly preserve ultrastructural information.

Shedding an industrial light on academic research in interventional medical image computing

Over 4.5 million surgical procedures are offered annually in the UK alone. The development and adoption of novel interventional imaging and minimally-invasive image-guided interventions have led to increased surgical precision and improved patient care. Yet, with further reliance on imaging, the clinical team faces a data deluge that needs to be addressed. 

Professor Tom Vercauteren will describe his team’s cross-disciplinary approach and experience at the crossroads of industry, academia and medicine to design and translate novel image computing technologies that support, augment and integrate into the surgical and interventional workflow.